Energy Touch Hydration Wave Normal Skin

At a glance
  • 24h moisturization, Protects & Refreshes
  • H2OIntense


  • 4ENERGY uplifted & fully hydrated skin!
    This new generation facial moisturizer is tailored to match the needs of normal skin. It has a light cream texture and owns a splendid mix of moisturizing agents, which work synergistically with superfruit Maracuja extract to provide your skin the optimum moisturization, lasting for up to 24 hours!
    Enjoy fast and spectacular results:
    - After just one application, the skin remains moisturized for up to 24 hours.
    - Your complexion regains its healthy looking, radiant & fresh appearance.
  • Formula is enriched with:
    - H2OIntense, a unique combination of carefully selected and subtly dosed moisturizing complex and biopolymers, providing skin with appropriate moisture, having a double function: it acts both as a protective film on skin's surface and as a hydration reserve in epidermis.
    - COLLASTEN COMPLEX®: a unique patented composition of collagen, elastin and glycogen, providing skin moisturization, energy and protection, as well as maintaining its elasticity.
    - Maracuja extract, rich in sugars, organic acids, vitamin C and carotenoids, which provides nutrition and protection of the skin!