Brand Concept & Values


… A world where sophisticated and technologically advanced active ingredients fuse with indulging textures & delightful fragrances to offer you a unique caring experience!

Treat your skin with advanced formulas, which follow clinical expertise and deep knowledge of the skin's needs and functions, so as to offer the desired results according to your skin type & age.

Discover KOLASTYNA large variety of face, body and sun care products that protect your beauty and help you enjoy life more!


KOLASTYNA is an Everyday Brand, Contemporary, Optimistic, Youthful, Energetic, Dynamic, Confident and Straightforward…a Protective Brand that helps you face every day demanding conditions, maintaining and enhancing your beauty.

KOLASTYNA targets all women, like you, who search for products which promise to be a truthful companion in their efforts to excel in their daily life, be more active no matter how demanding it is.


Sun, cold, wind, pollution, stress…weather & lifestyle conditions can dehydrate & age your skin. You need cosmetic products that care for and protect skin, so that you can go on with your day looking and feeling good.

KOLASTYNA, a cosmetic brand with long existence in Polish market, has been protecting your skin for more than 30 years.

KOLASTYNA offers a wide choice of products which protect the skin, energize it and revivify its activity. A modern range of products, following clinical expertise and deep knowledge of the skin's needs and functions, as well as the latest evolution in cosmetology, contains active ingredients, which help skin’s performance. Properly selected active ingredients in combination with COLLASTEN COMPLEX® provide the skin with effective care fit for each type of complexion and age.

Every woman can now enjoy the feeling of comfort, with effectively protected and cared for skin! 

KOLASTYNA - Protect Beauty