At a glance
  • Two-phase oil self-tan spray formula
  • 4X Guarantee of Dream Tan:
  • Naturally tanned color, No streaks & spots, Not drying the skin, Fast absorption
  • With Moisturizing & Nourishing Complex, non-greasy sensation
  • Anti-oxidant action with Vitamin E
  • 100% natural tan effect
  • Shake well before use
  • One color that suits all skin tones


  • KOLASTYNA LUXURY BRONZE BI-PHASE OIL SPRAY offers a velvet skin sensation and natural bronze skin color.
    For uniform tan, shake well and spray evenly for even coverage that provides natural tanned color to the skin, and leaves it with a beautiful scent.
    Thanks to the 4X Guarantee of Dream Tan, it develops a natural, bronze color on the skin, without streaks and spots and without drying it out.
    Its moisturizing complex with coconut oil and betaine leaves skin moisturised and Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant action.
    Enjoy sensual look through the whole year and alluring smell of summer!
    • Moisturizing complex provides skin moisture and helps to achieve a uniform, long lasting tan
    • Vitamin E offers anti-oxidant action