At a glance
  • Easy spray self-tan formula
  • Airbrush type micro-spray self- tanner, for even coverage
  • 4X Guarantee of Dream Tan:
  • Naturally tanned color, No streaks & spots, Not drying the skin, Fast absorption
  • With Moisturizing Complex leaves skin hydrated
  • 100% natural tan effect
  • One color that suits all skin tones


  • KOLASTYNA LUXURY BRONZE EASY SPRAY offers a uniqe self-tanning experience with easy application for naturally uniform tanned color.
    The delicate spray actuator allows airbrush type micro-spraying, for even coverage and fast absorption, leaving uniform color to the skin, and a beautiful scent.
    Thanks to the 4X Guarantee of Dream Tan, the easy to apply formula creates a natural, bronze color to the skin, without streaks and spots and without drying it out.
    Its moisturizing complex helps achieve the effect of even and long-lasting tan, while the tan boosting factor, helps accelerate the self-tanning process, providing a more intensive result.
    Enjoy sensual look through the whole year and alluring smell of summer!
    • Moisturizing complex helps to achieve a uniform, long lasting tan
    • Tan booster ensuring more rapid and intense result